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Best Gaming Laptops 2017

Gaming laptop are the ones that are purely made for gaming enthusiasts. They are like normal PCs or laptops with the fact that they are being stuffed with some more advance game-oriented features allowing gamers to play in-trend games easily. There are far different types of gaming laptops that are made to suit different audience.

Many manufacturers like Alienware or Razer Blade etc has take this laptop thing to the next level and beyond, offering much more cool stuff in one go. Here are some of them you might like to read about that would help you if you are looking for best gaming laptops 2017

Best Gaming Laptops to Buy in 2017

Asus ROG G751JY 

Asus ROG G751JY best gaming laptop

  • Asus G751JY’s eye catching rugged body, its sleek buttons illuminated with LED lights, strong hardware and incredible software, ultra fast transfer speed and heavy duty processor that runs without any noise makes it worth buying. Asus G751JY is gamer friendly and knows all the needs of a gamer.

  • Asus ROG G751JY is not stuffed with an exceptional or something very impressive battery and is somehow bulky but I think this is common among all the gaming laptops that they are quite heavy and doesn’t show up with long lasting battery and it is because they are used for heavy duty performance with many other features working in background. Asus’ G751JY proved to be best when you are not a heavy user.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

Gone are the times when Asus used to make stealth fighter inspired laptops. Now-a-days Asus is developing heavy duty gaming laptops among which Asus G751JY holds strongest position as it has curved body with bleeding edges and remain cool when user is playing games on it. Asus G751JY weighs approximately 10 pounds, has a 17.3 inches full HD screen, 720p camera and is stuffed with Windows 8.1. Though Asus G751JY has not come up with a very good audio range as compared to peers but its different aesthetic features and functions are enough to compensate this thing.

Asus G751JY has a rugged, sturdy metallic body with a matte black aluminum plate in the center that contains Asus’ logo. Asus has made a unique and gamer friendly keyboard that contains beautifully lit buttons that looks so glaring and offers a separate numeric keypad on right hence making the gaming experience with Asus G751JY much more interesting and fun. Different test were thrown at Asus G751JY too check whether it heats up while gaming or not and it out performs all the situations. It was observed that Asus G751JY remains cool while the user is continuously gaming and Asus has implemented amazing fans in their brilliant gaming laptop that runs smoothly with no noise keeping the laptop safe for user as well as for environment.

Asus G751JY  has Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz combined with 24 GB DDR3 RAM with a speed of 1600 megahertz along with an internal storage of 1 TB hard disk and 512 GB memory.

Asus G751JY provides its users with a versatile connectivity options that makes it among of the best gaming laptops out there. Asus G751JY is implemented with approximately four USB 3.0 ports providing you an ease of data transfer and faster file sharing when connected to different devices. Asus G751JY is also equipped with Blu-ray writer, HMDI, Thunderbolt, Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac wireless standard. Asus G751JY has also a microphone jacket followed by headphone jacket and a power port.


Asus G751JY is although a bit hefty but has a strong Intel Core i7 combined with 24 GB RAM with 1600 MHz speed and USB 3.0 ports for super fast sharing of data and transfer of different files. Asus G751JY is also Blu-ray supported and equipped with 802.11ac wireless standard, HDMI port, a microphone and headset jacket, Thunderbolt and thanks to NVidia’s G-Sync technology that provides Asus G751JY smooth and vibrant graphics with breath taking vivid looks.

Alienware 13

Alienware 13 gaming laptop

  • Alienware 13 is light, portable and easy to carry developed mainly for gaming purpose. Versatile connectivity options and USB 3.0 ports makes it best at sharing and transfer of files and data. 13 inches OLED screen makes gaming more fun and its aesthetic features and functions are the reason Alienware 13 is the best gaming laptop so far with compact design and cohesive body.

  • OLED is not as fine as it should be and is small that may prove to be cause of hindrance while gaming but still this is not very important as small screen (not too small though but yes smaller than its peers) makes a gaming laptop easy to carry and portable and most of the gaming laptops lack this property.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

Alienware 13 is a child of world’s leading company DELL and has now been taken the global market to the next level. There may be many gaming laptops out there and many appealing ones too but Alienware 13 is leaving all its competitors behind due to its compact hardware and incredible software that provides ultra vibrant streaming on 13 inches OLED screen. OLED screens were first implemented in televisions that were become very light in weight, thinner, ultra vivid, crystal clear and very efficient and advance. The same technique is now being used in Alienware 13 due to which it has also become light, portable and easy to carry and allows its users to carry your gaming mania with you everywhere you go. Alienware 13 is only 4.5 pounds.

Alienware 13 has a rugged strong metallic body with silver lid and has a sophisticated backlit keyboard that has given the laptop a different look and feel. The thing which is most appealing is the wide and broad touch pad as compared to many other traditional laptops out there and allows gamers to surf as fast and smoothly as they can.

Alienware 13 has sixth generation Intel Core i7-6500U of 2.5 GHz combined with built in memory of 8-16 GB DDR3 RAM that can be extended up to 256 GB more by inserting SD card. Alienware 13 has been stuffed with built in Windows 10 Home and 2.0MP full HD camera allows comfortable video calling.

Alienware 13 has implemented Thunderbolt, Bluetooth 4.1 and four built in USB 3.0 slots (USB Type-C) so that users can share files and data at remarkably fast speed while providing its users with 802.11 ac wireless standard. Alienware Graphics Amplifier port allows you to plug in only accessories made by Alienware that upgrades its desktop graphics card.


Alienware 13 is stuffed with breath taking features that may put this unique gaming laptop on the bleeding edges. Although company has taken all the specifications liked by users into consideration while assembly this smart Alienware 13, it seems that it is worth buying. Usually gaming laptops are bulky due to advance spare parts but Alienware 13 is portable, easy to carry with sleek metallic body and super fast processor. OLED screen is a very impressive feature that makes the laptop stands out in the crowd.

MSI GT80 Titan SLI

MSI GT80 Titan SLI gaming laptop

  • MSI GT80 Titan SLI’s top-notch processor gives stellar performance and mechanical keyboard will give your fingers a new experience with its fascinating touch pad that turn into a numeric keyboard when needed. GT80 Titan can be easily upgraded and looks so elegant and amazing.

  • MSI GT80 Titan SLI is a very chunky and bulky laptop that does not even fit in the traditional laptop bag and is almost impossible to move. GT80 Titan is not for putting it on your legs or lap as it is very massive but will turned out good when used as a PC replacement.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

GT80 Titan is among one of the beast that has ever introduced in the market so far. MSI has always been focused on developing advance gaming laptops and this structure has showed the company’s interest in making one. GT80 Titan is very massively bulky weighing around 9.9 pounds, has an 18.4 inches ultra vibrant screen and looks unmistakably like a great gaming machine. People especially gamers always longed for keeping one of these gaming machines in one of the corner of their rooms as GT80 Titan is a replacement of PC and cannot be used on lap. GT80 Titan has smooth and fluid backlit mechanical keyboard that gives you a different experience with its touchpad having the capability to turn into numeric keyboard when needed. Palm rest will definitely be missed as it feels awkward to rest your arm half on the keyboard and half on the table but still this tremendous gaming laptop is among one of the best gaming laptops that are being offered today.

GT80 Titan has a rugged strong body that has come with an aluminum polished lid with dragon logo and red lines on it giving it more ‘Gamer’ look. I think GT80 Titan is simply a smart catastrophic gaming laptops made purely for those who has ‘gaming hunger’. GT80 Titan has an Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz Processor combined with 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM and a Wi-Fi standard of 802.11ac. 1 TB hard drive is there with an option of connecting an extra storage of up to 256 GB.

MSI GT80 Titan SLI has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and offers a wide range of ports for fast data transfer and speedy sharing of files like five USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and two mini DisplayPorts that provides stable digital connections to externally connected display allowing you to play and perform. MSI GT80 Titan SLI has a built in Windows 8.1.


Overall, GT80 Titan is robust and easy to use and you will never regret after buying it as MSI always provides its users what’s best for them in a reasonable price. Though its bulky design is a cause of criticism but one the other it can be fixed over a particular place and you can stream on it fluidly. GT80 Titan’s compact processor and cohesive RAM is build very smartly hence providing its users heavy duty performance.

Razer Blade 14

Razer Blade 14 gaming laptop

  • Razer Blade 14 is a compact gaming laptop that is medium range yet fits many high-end spare parts in it slim body and has a fascinating multi color backlit keyboard. Razer Blade 14 is easy to carry and best for gaming.

  • Razer Blade 14 when thrown at with different test proved to be a successful gaming laptop but still it lacks some features as it Blade 14 has a fan noise that may disturb the gamer but overall laptops is cool and doesn’t output much heat as many other heavy duty laptop usually do.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

The compact and sleek design of Razer Blade 14 is breath taking and has moved the parameters of perfectness. Razer Blade is a very smart company focusing on the needs of its users while producing standard and the finest products in the markets. Razer Blade 14 has a 14 inches touch-screen so as the name of the laptop and weighs approximately four pounds. Being light in weight, Blade 14 is ultra portable, easy to carry and gives stellar performance.

The body is rugged and made up of fine black aluminum making it more durable with an attractive look and feel and sleek case. Blade 14 is extremely powerful but at the same time kept thin and hyper realistically sharp having a thickness of 0.70 inches only. Beautiful and eye catching multi color backlit keyboard is fun to surf while gaming. The keyboard is very fascinating and has casted its spell on many customers.

The combination of 2.6 GHz Quad Core i7-4702HQ with an exceptional 16 GB DDR3L SDRAM is usually implemented on relatively high end products but you are lucky if you got a Razer Blade 14 because it has smartly assembled all the high end features in their coolest gaming laptops thus crossed its competitors. Hard drive is 256 GB flash memory while it also offers NVIDIA GeForce GTX for vibrant and clear graphics.

Blade 14 is implemented with three USB 3.0 ports so that users can share or transfer their files over different devices quickly and easily without interruptions or hiccups. Blade 14 has a 802.11ac wireless standard and one lithium ion battery (included) that runs smoothly for straight six hours even on high resolution like that of Blade 14’s allowing best gaming experience without buffering and thus made Razer Blade 14 among best gaming laptops released in 2016 so far. Blade 14 has an operating system of Windows 8 but company has also provided a free upgrade to Windows 10.


Razer Blade 14 is a medium range slim product that fits many high end features and is 802.11ac wireless enabled, stuffed with three USB 3.0 ports and worthy of buying

Lenovo Z70

Lenovo Z70 gaming laptop

  • Lenovo Z70 is best known for brilliant audio that it has provided through amazing subwoofers. 17 inches Z70 is made very powerful and compact so that it can run smoothly through its usage.

  • Backlit feature of keyboard has become vital but Lenovo Z70 has come up without this feature. Company should pay attention to that as it has become customers’ demand but on the other hand the laptop is providing incredible gaming experience that may be no other device has ever offered.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

Lenovo Z70 has come up with brand new and breathtaking features that have diverted the attention of many people. Lenovo Z70’s sturdy body looks somehow traditional with 17.3 inches screen. Since bigger screen provides higher resolution hence Lenovo Z70 has a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and weighs only 6.6 pounds and that’s what making Lenovo Z70 portable, easy to carry and easy to handle.

The combination of 2.4 GHz Core i7-5500U along with a powerful RAM of 16 GB DDR3 has made the laptop out perform in the market. Is 802.11ac supported and has a 1000 GB mechanical hard drive.

Lenovo Z70 is connected with two USB 3.0 ports instead of three USB ports but allows super smooth sharing of files. 1 lithium ion battery has powered the laptop fluidly for four hours without interruptions. This revolutionary gaming laptop has an operating system of Windows 8 and webcam of 1 mp that allows you to video call your loved ones or even has multiple chat with them for long period of day.


These days gaming laptops doesn’t have very good sound quality but Lenovo Z70 gives woofers like sound. Company has released a medium end product which is apparently very good option for beginners or entry level gamers.

HP Omen 15-5220NR

HP Omen 15-5220NR gaming laptop

  • HP Omen 15-5220NR is a beautiful gaming laptop with high resolution touch screen-a feature that is absent from many laptops, equipped with sturdy keyboard and showcases one the HP’s best gaming laptop.

  • Screen resolution is only 1080p when the market has reached the resolution of 4K. But his can be neglected as an entry level laptop like Omen 15-5220NR is offering other variety of high end aesthetic features that may be very advance for some users.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

Omen 15-5220NR is one of the finest entry level gaming laptops that company offers in the market and is considered as a surprise that company has given to users. Lenovo, an old competitor of HP, is highly comparable with compared with this entry level Omen 15-5220NR as both are made in the era of fifth generation of CPU, both are also providing great updates of RAM and storage of which users are very satisfied and both the companies has their products surprisingly slim for those who wants to carry their passion with them everywhere they go.

HP has made a successful move while shifting from glowing monstrous like huge laptop (better call them gaming machines) to sophisticated and decent looking gaming laptop. 15.6 inches LED lit screen and backlit professional keyboard provides a best surfing experience to gamers while playing. Omen 15-5220NR’s sleek and sturdy metallic body has an ability to fit in a compact hardware and brilliant and incredible software that runs smoothly without buffering when you stream. Both the left and right corners have tapered edges giving it the illusion of being even thinner while in reality it weighs approximately 4 pounds and is 20mm thick. Lithium ion battery is strong enough to power the laptop through straight seven hours without any hiccups.

HP this time has come up with a strong and powerful processor of Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz that powers the laptop throughout without making it warm meaning it remains cool through our different test thrown at it. 16 GB DDR3L RAM and NVIDIA GTX 960M graphics is there to enhance the 1080p screen and provides gamers a super clear vibrant screen. Omen 15-5220NR also supports an additional storage of up to 512 GB.

When Omen 15-5220NR comes to connectivity, it offers USB 3.0 ports that have given the user an opportunity to transfer files and shares data at an ultra fast speed. Omen 15-5220NR is also Bluetooth 4.0 equipped, has 802.11ac wireless standard and is among one of the gaming laptops that has a wide touch pad which, in my opinion is a very best feature for gamers. The company has released Omen 15-5220NR with a built in Windows 10 and has made its customers impressed from its 51 frames per second technology.


Overall, the laptop is good and contains all the aesthetic and attractive features and functions a gamer may consider while buying the laptop. You may never regret about the product as HP cares about its products and has made this one surely amazing and able to stand out in the crowd while defeating its opponents. Super processor and RAM, brilliant design and body and better connectivity option is all a laptop needs.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004

MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 gaming laptop

  • MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 has powerful hard drives that run efficiently and smoothly and back lit keyboard feature is making the laptop best in the market.

  • The plastic body is very light and hence you cannot drop the laptop otherwise it may get damage. But the same plastic body is also giving it an ultra portable experience.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004’s killer gaming features is enough to defeat its competitors in the market. Apache Pro-004 when thrown upon with different tests surpassed all with extra ordinary result that is its component doesn’t output much heat and thus keep the laptop cool even while playing extreme games. Fan is not very noisy or heavy thus making it reliable. Apache Pro-004 weighs 5.3 pounds and due to plastic structure that is obviously strong and can stand in extreme environment, Apache Pro-004 is ultra portable and you won’t find any difficulty when you’d have to move the laptop anywhere with you.

15.6 inches full HD wide display has just rescued it’s users from eye strain as many gaming laptops comes with small screens that would be a bit of a let-down because it causes eye sore and is not a useful feature. Apache Pro-004 is not very pricy but the company is successful while implementing high end parts in such a medium range gaming laptop. If you can afford this then you are among few lucky ones. Backlit keyboard with black aluminum body looks so appealing and attractive and gives users a satisfactory experience.

Apache Pro-004 employs Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor with a speed of approximately 2.6-3.5GHz combined with unique and blazing fast 16GB DDR4 RAM of 2133MHz. Great hard drive storage like 1 TB is making this decent looking gaming laptop, a monstrous and tremendous heavy duty machine from inside.

Number of versatile connectivity options indicates the durability of laptop as Apache Pro-004 has Bluetooth 4.0 and one USB 2.0 port that allows connecting external hard drives, hub or printers etc. and two USB 3.0 ports are there to host different compatible storage devices. Apache Pro-004 is also stuffed with True Color technology that provides fine display and makes your video calls super vivid. Lithium ion battery is employed in the making of Apache Pro-004.


A unique gaming laptop model as showcased by MSI is highly recommended for purchasing as there are nit many laptop companies out there that implements high end parts in an affordable ranged gaming laptop. And this feature surely makes a laptop one of the best gaming laptop ever introduced in the market in 2016.

Dell Inspiron i7559

Dell Inspiron i7559 affordable-gaming-laptop

  • Portability and high screen resolution makes it a must gaming laptop to buy.

  • Some users were disappointed with slow massive HDD but later on they were told that this feature can be recovered by SSD and thus gives the laptop its beauty.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

I myself is a consistent Dell user and I can assure you that Dell never disappoints its customers and by saying that Dell means it. So does that mean Inspiron i7559 is the only genius gaming laptop? Let’s find out. Inspiron i7559 comes with a black sleek metallic body with a sturdy and strong casing that is well ventilated and fingerprint resistant. Its professional key board allows you to surf easily and buttons are very professionals put in the keyboard with much less space between them and are soft to press as compared to mechanical key board that requires strong strokes on each buttons.

Inspiron i7559 weighs approximately six pounds when comes with ultra HD high resolution 15.6 inches brilliant screen. Stuffed with one lithium ion battery that keeps its stellar performance powers the laptop through straight 4.5 hours without hiccups or buffering. Different tests when thrown at Inspiron i7559 proves that it is incredible for heavy duty tasks as it does not get hot or output much heat than many of its competitors and fans in it are also not noisy that disturbs gamers and not only gamers this laptop is also very beneficial for programmers out there.

Super strong processor of Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core (Turbo up to 3.2 GHz) is the most powerful and compact processor making its hardware incredible and software very fine to use. 8 GB DDR3L RAM with an ability to support an extra storage of up to 256 GB makes Dell one of my favorite manufacturer. Inspiron i7559 is AC powered and stuffed with 802.11ac advance wireless standard and three USB 3.0 ports for ultra fast transfer and sharing of files and data.


Overall, I would say one of my favorite gaming laptop, best to carry, easy to handle and portable. You can take it with you anywhere you want. Not only made for expert gamers but genius programmers with disastrous processor and huge RAM.

Acer Predator 17

Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop

  • Acer Predator 17 has a surprisingly great battery life that is something all gamers want along with loud heavy audio system. Stylish looks and efficient fans provide its users with decent yet aesthetic features that have a high demand in global market.

  • There is not to say bad about Predator 17 but the area on which it is bit lacking is the absence of NVidia G-Sync and noisy fans though sometimes. Well this should not be taken into consideration as they are more efficient than noisy hence keep the laptop cool.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

Since the Acer has made its presence into the laptop market, the company focuses on providing its customers appealing and useful features and functions. Acer Predator 17 stormed the customer market and is the best laptop reviewed ever. Predator 17 is very similar to predecessor Predator 15 and shares a number of features among which the cleverest is cooling system. Giant exhausts expel heat much more quickly and at the same time producing some noise which may be a bit if a let-down but on the other hand Blu-ray writer can swapped and hence increasing the performance of the laptop. Predator 17’s body is made up of durable long lasting soft touch plastic with matte black finish that gives it classy and smooth outlook accompanied by red lights that are very common in the market of gaming laptops. There are no extra spaces between buttons and backlit keyboard has made it very stunning and interesting to use.

Gaming on touchpad has taken the race to the next level. A wide, robust touchpad is built with accuracy and perfection hence gives its users a beautiful experience. 17.3 inches broad screen that has made the laptop weighed around 8.7 pounds. Predator 17 is stuffed with four USB 3.0 ports, 802.11 ac wireless standard and Bluetooth connectivity making it the most enduring laptops so far. One lithium ion battery charges the laptop for 5.5 hours which is an exceptional feature that not only gamers but programmers always desired. Predator 17 comes with built in Windows 10.

Predator 17 has made its appearance in the global market with Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz combined with breath taking RAM of 16GB DDR4 that has a maximum turbo boost of 3.5GHz. Not one but you’d find two hard drives that resides inside the Predator 17. First one is 512GB Samsung 950 Pro primary hard drive that provides the system with its basic needs followed by 1TB drive with 32GB solid state cache. Unlike its peers, Predator 17 has come up a warranty of two years.


Overall, Predator 17 is competent with its excellent hardware and powerful software making it worth buying. Acer never disappoints its customers and always provides the best they ever desired for. Compact processor and easy to use keyboard is among one of the most attractive features. Predator 17 is also not very pricy but a medium range product so if you are planning to buy it then go and just grab it. You wouldn’t like to miss any opportunity like this that not always hits the market!

Gigabyte P37X


  • Gigabyte P37X’s top-notch processor gives stellar performance and aesthetic keyboard will give your fingers a new experience with its fascinating touch pad and provides a thin laptop as compared to its predecessors. Gigabyte P37X can be easily upgraded and looks so elegant and amazing.

  • Gigabyte P37X is a bit expensive but if money is not an issue for you then this is something you should buy as it fits a number of high end features.

Last update was on: September 23, 2017 6:25 pm

 Gigabyte P37X has come up with brand new and breathtaking features that have diverted the attention of many people. Gigabyte P37X’s sturdy body looks somehow traditional with 17.3 inches screen. Since bigger screen provides higher resolution hence Gigabyte P37X has a screen resolution of 3840 pixels and weighs only 10.6 pounds.

The combination of Intel core i7 6700hq 2.6 GHz along with a powerful RAM of 8 GB has made the laptop out perform in the market. Gigabyte P37X is 802.11ac supported and has a 1000 GB mechanical hard drive.

Gigabyte P37X is connected with three USB 3.0 ports that allow super smooth sharing of files. 1 lithium ion battery has powered the laptop fluidly for hours without interruptions. This revolutionary gaming laptop has built in Windows 10.


Overall, Gigabyte P37X is durable with powerful processors and incredible software accompanied by smart hardware. Gigabyte P37X is worth buying though fans are a bit noisy but on the other hand these same fans are providing tremendous cooling effect that is surely necessary for such a heavy duty gaming laptop. So in a nut shell, it is a matter of fact that there is nothing that is 100% perfect but this is what very near to the parameters of perfect.

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