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Canon EOS 1300D – Review

  • Canon EOS 1300D is the best product in the market for capturing JPEG shots which is much economical and available on affordable price. Canon has exhibited the best DSLR camera for beginners.

  • Not a very brilliant DSLR camera with high resolution and Dynamic range but still it is very hard to tell about the camera’s shortcoming when it comes with this much affordable price.

The Bottom Line:

Overall the camera gives deep insight especially to newbie. 18mp with most advance image sensor and image processor when combines with 9 point AF system with 3’’ fixed LCD monitor looks so appealing among low end Canon products and is enough to divert your attention towards itself.
Last update was on: December 16, 2017 9:06 pm

If you are a beginner and looking for a DSLR camera then Canon EOS 1300D is made for you. Canon has just showcased Canon EOS 1300D, also known as Digital Rebel T6 in North America is a remarkable revolution ever made in the market of entry level DSLR cameras. Canon has always preferred customer care and provides its users best DSLR camera experience keeping in mind its different audience and their requirements. Canon EOS 1300D is more evolution than revolution over its two years old predecessor Canon EOS 1200D which provides amateurs with best JPEG experience without putting much effort from the user’s side.

18 mp Canon CMOS APS-C image sensor adjusts white balance, when works in collaboration with DIGIC 4+ image processor provides fastest image processing experience that made this newly introduced entry level DSLR camera far more efficient than its predecessors. High performance optical view finder that uses very little power when works in collaboration with 9 point AF system assists the user while framing and auto focusing that intelligently focuses the subject and produce vivid and vibrant shots meaning the difference between Ultra sharp image and a missed shot.

DSLR camera for beginners1920x1080p HD video when recorded on large 3’’ LCD monitor with MP4 format provides ravishing experience allowing users to make their recording more memorable by using creative filters provided by Canon in its entry level DSLR camera. Some may find 3fps frame rate a bit of the let-down but in reality a low end DSLR camera usually provides this frame rate on average.

Real improvement of Canon EOS 1300D over Canon EOS 1200D is built in Wi-Fi connectivity supported with NFC technology that allows to control your DSLR camera remotely through any Smartphone. USB 2.0 port makes the transferring of images quite faster. Canon EOS 1300D’s rugged carbon fiber sturdy body with rubberized grip experience makes holding your DSLR camera easier and without any strain. Canon EOS 1300D weighs only 485 g including batteries. No doubt Canon EOS 1300D is economical and a best DSLR for beginners.

Image Sensor:

The first and foremost reason to buy a DSLR camera is to check the sensor it is implementing and the quality of image it produce as a result. Sensors are usually picked on the basis of format the device is supporting. Canon EOS 1300D uses 18mp CMOS (APS-C) image sensor that is also featured in Sony DSLR cameras. CMOS sensors allow you with more dynamic range and provide noise reduction.

Mighty is better especially when it comes to image sensors because large sensors will capture more light and produces beautiful appealing images. APS-C usually captures attractive shots.

Autofocus and Metering:

9 point AF system has made Canon EOS 1300D to focus the images automatically reducing strain and lessens users’ interference while focusing. Due to this system, audience is happy as this autofocus is generating best results till now; warm images with same natural colors as when captured, richness within each single pixel and appealing photos has made the DSLR camera stand out in the crowd.

Metering is defined as the right amount of light captured on the subject meaning it adjusts your DSLR camera’s shutter speed and aperture based on the amount of lighting. Canon has improved this feature when compared to its predecessors and made this entry level DSLR camera best for beginners.


DSLR camera for beginners canon-eos-1300dCanon EOS 1300D and Canon EOS 1200D both offers 1080p HD video recording at 30fps, 25fps and 24fps which gives breath taking experience to its users. Many critics blame Canon for not releasing 4K video quality as now-a-days almost all the DSLR cameras features 4K Ultra Sharp video recording but when it comes to price Canon is still offering the best in this price. A low end DSLR camera for beginners usually implements HD video recording that is more than enough anyone can expect from them.

Video files can be up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds or up to 4GB and after that it will automatically stopped and will only be started with user intervention. Canon EOS 1300D does not provide built in microphone jacket so an external microphone is sometimes needed to enhance the result.


Canon EOS 1300D is powered by rechargeable Lithium ion batteries that are very common in global market these days. Actually lithium batteries prolongs battery life is also used by Canon’s competitor Sony in its camcorders and were also implemented in its predecessor Canon EOS 1200D because it is being incredibly used now-a- days. Canon EOS 1300D comes with a LC-E10 charger that plugs directly to the walls meaning no wires are required.

Canon EOS 1300D is stuffed with a built in flash which evenly fills light in your shots making them more vibrant and warm. Canon’s predecessors were also stuffed with the same built in flash but for better results many photographers use external flashes that make their shots rich and clear giving them more natural colors.


The most noticeable feature that mainly differs Canon EOS 1300D from its predecessor Canon EOS 1200D is the inclusion of Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity. Built in USB 2.0 port is also implemented in Canon EOS 1300D as to make it according to consumer market needs. Transfer of shots is very easy now due to Wi-Fi technology that allows users to connect compatible devices with Canon EOS 1300D for quick exchange of images and recordings and now users can also remotely control the DSLR camera. Wireless remote printing is also possible when connected to compatible printers remotely.


Canon has introduced a low end sturdy DSLR camera for beginners that don’t look terrible in hands. Actually the look and feel of camera is very impressive and everyone is compelled to accept this utter reality that being a low end DSLR camera doesn’t mean that it looks cheap while shooting. Rugged carbon fiber body is not very common when you have bodies around you made up of magnesium alloy but the polycarbonate resin is making it even sturdier and it feels like rubberized surface which is perfect for strong grip providing Canon’s audience a whole new experience with DSLR camera’s body. Canon EOS 1300D weighs only 485 grams including batteries which is quite perfect.


Canon has produced a master piece when we talk about Canon EOS 1300D due to its aesthetic features like 12mp CMOS image sensor, fast image processor, 3’’ LCD monitor, advance video shooting and Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC supported. Canon EOS 1300D is very affordable, easy to carry and easy to handle entry level DSLR that provides it’s buyers an amazing experience of shooting and made their grip even stronger on DSLR cameras.

Last update was on: December 16, 2017 9:06 pm

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