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Huawei Honor 8 – Review

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Huawei Honor 8

Honor 8 is actually the top class android phone as it is really affordable with aesthetic features. It took brilliant photos, runs smoothly and looks so cool due to its beautiful glass made reflecting light body.

  • The gorgeous android phone Huawei is the proof of company’s advancement in body, display, memory and its different eye-catching features that helps it to stand out more in mobile market. Honor 8 is also the company’s best product than its predecessors due to its really affordable price.
  • 3000mAh battery life with 1080p sounds weird at first but still it gets you through the full day almost and that’s what important. Realizing this, the company has made Honor 8 first ever android phone that charges so quickly.
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Last update was on: December 16, 2017 6:19 pm

The 5.2’’ 1080p screen is perfect for holding in one hand. Its sleek glass body with sturdy aluminum edges has warm look and feel and absolutely looks amazing when it comes to reflecting light. The screen is visible even in rich sunlight. Android phones usually have camera bump but Honor 8 is free from camera bump and produces most decent shots one could ever have. Its dual 12mp with laser AF technology is a very eye-catching feature. Honor 8’s smooth running RAM is the best anyone could have with this price.

Honor 8 is not a high-end android phone but its brilliant features made it look so. Its huge RAM and internal memory is perfect for busy professionals. In comparison to its competitor P9, Honor 8 is very easy-to-use as it weighs only 153g which is not actually heavy.

Unlike its rivals, Honor 8 has HiSilicon Kirin 950 chipset with Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). The Octa-core processor provides you more functionality and multi-tasking. Honor 8 is also NFC enabled which means it the most artistic android phone Huawei has produced so far with graceful features and outlook. The only lagging is there is no optical image stabilization which means you might end with capturing blur images if you capture too quickly. But generally Honor 8 captures more flexible images that contains more light and generally looks vibrant.



Standing with technology, Honor 8’s dramatic 12mp dual camera captures vibrant and rich photos that give their users an interesting experience. One primary camera is RGB sensor and the other is monochrome sensor with the purpose of capturing finest details to make best picture as possible. Huawei always gives their customers what’s best for them. However, the android phone is free from camera bump meaning it will sit evenly without giving you any rough jerking experience. The secondary 8mp camera will give you the best selfie experience. LED flashes and laser AF helps in capturing most beautiful and perfect selfies. Honor 8’s 8mp front camera is also great for video calling and snap chat.

Battery Life:


The 3000mah battery capacity is a bit of a let-down yet Huawei realized it and gave the phone a brilliant feature that it will charge really quickly from zero to fifty percent in just thirty minutes. Honor 8 is the first ever android phone that charges so quickly. Huawei also claims that it will run very fluidly through the whole day for light users. It will run through almost the whole day with no interruptions for heavy users too. Honor 8 includes 9V/2A charger which is one of the best power banks in the worlds.



Honor 8’s glaring glass body gives the android phone vivid look that looks even beautiful in rich light. The body contains 15 glass layers that reflect light in almost three different colors. It makes Honor 8 more interesting to work with. Aluminum edges are made to give the body more sturdier look. Display is a real pleasure. Honor 8 has come up with an eye-friendly technology that makes it user friendly. It means the screen would be visible enough even in bright sunlight which helps in reducing eye strain by emitting less blue light. For those who are conscious of phone’s size, an ideal 5.2’’ vivid screen is made for holding the phone comfortably in one hand.

Storage and Memory:

Honor 8 comes with 3GB RAM with 32GB internal memory or with 4GB RAM with 64GB internal memory in high-end android phones (Honor 8). It supports an extra storage of up to 128GB. It provides Hybrid slots meaning the location of SD card will be same as of SIM 2 slot. It means you can’t have both inserted at the same time. Primary slot offers 4G connectivity while secondary slot is for 3G or for SD card. Honor 8 is actually interruption free due to its great RAM. Its runs smooth and fluid with no laggings at all and it the best android phone that support different games like Pokemon Go etc.


Huawei always cares about its customers. In the era of thin and slimmest mobiles phones, Huawei has many strong competitors in the market. Honor 8 is a successful release of the year. As many say it is a descendant of Huawei P9 but besides some similar features, there is vast number of features that differs Honor 8 from P9.

Overall Honor 8 is a very compatible and sleek mobile you should have tried. It’s not actually very pricey. Honor 8’s features are very up-to-date and according to advance technology. In my opinion, you will definitely find Honor 8 the most exciting android phone!

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