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Nikon D500 -Review

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Nikon D500

Overall, the Nikon has produced a masterpiece so far. From richness in its shots to rugged beautiful sturdy body, Nikon D500 is an eye-catching DSLR camera which is attracting many professionals as well as amateur photographers out there.

  • Nikon D500 is the most advance DSLR camera released by Nikon. Its richness owes to its brilliant features like best AF point frame, articulating touch screen, ability to capture sharp and vivid shots and much more. Nikon D500 is probably the most user friendly and best DX cameras ever.
  • Some people are a bit upset since it has not come with a built-in flash but I personally think that for most of the high-end photographers, built-in flash is something really worst. They usually prefer to use extra flashes so many advance DSLR cameras don’t come with built-in flashes.
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Last update was on: December 16, 2017 11:30 am

After the successful release of Nikon D5, the company decided to introduce some more ground-breaking features in their brand-new, up-to-date and enchanted device. With the release of full-frame Nikon D500 in the world of DSLR cameras, parameters for perfectness have been changed. In my opinion, Nikon D500 is very affordable, easy-to-carry and weighs only 860 grams. It is specially actually perfect for beginners and for intermediate level photographers.

We are thankful to Nikon for the successful release of D500 as this was the most awaited product so far. While Nikon D500 is not a compact camera yet its standout features include breathtaking AF system, 20.9mp APS-C (DX) sensor, amazing 10fps shooting and off course a very impressive 4K video recording.

Nikon D500 is NFC supported, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Rumors were there that this is something really expensive and that the company shouldn’t release such a high-end product but let’s consider its different properties from which Nikon has introduced us in the form of D500. Is it worth the price? Off course it is!

Nikon D500 is a successor to D300 and a competitor of D5. Nikon D500’s rugged body is very user friendly and feels very solid in your hand. It’s top and back is made up of Magnesium alloy and the front is Carbon fiber. Company claims that it has same weather sealing property as of its predecessor D810.

Focus Point and Auto AF Tune:

The new 153 focus point (99 cross sensors) Advanced MultiCAM 2K system that covers wide range of target image so that the picture can be taken very precisely. The high speed continuous shooting property of full-frame Nikon D500 has made it distinctly stand out in the world of DSLR cameras-10 fps for 200 shots. That’s surely incredible!

Fine tuning of lenses in many DSLR cameras has been a painful experience requiring lots of tools and wastage of time. But with this built-in feature, full-frame Nikon D500 just got even more efficient. It means that after achieving focus, full-frame Nikon D500 will automatically adjust AF fine tune. That’s going to be so game-changing!

DX Camera:

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Like almost all high-end DSLR cameras, Nikon D500 is among one of the best DX cameras ever. It contains DX sensors which are actually smaller sensor in comparison to FX sensors and also light in weight. These sensors are really affordable, according to market needs and contain a variety of focal lengths and zooming options.

Nikon is actually the best user of this technology in the market these days. Implementation of DSLR sensors is among one of the cause due to which its cameras are light in weight.

Full-frame Nikon D500’s 3.2’’ LCD touch screen can be useful for shooting both still and videos. Even being a high-end DSLR camera Nikon D5 on the other hand doesn’t get an articulating screen but Nikon D500 does!

Nikon D500’s touchpad enables a variety of functions including switching between images, engaging the shutter while shooting and tracking people’s face. This results in accurate and precise metering.

Metering is also an area on which the company has progressed a lot. Nikon D500 is fitted with 180K pixels RGB metering sensors when compared to its predecessor that contains 1005 pixels RGB.

It also keeps white balance which leads to produce more natural color in the vibrant shots captured by best selling DX camera-Nikon D500. In the era when everyone can take beautiful pictures, Nikon has just introduced Scene Recognition System which means the whole subject will be automatically recognized by the sensor, its color, its position while giving the device more accuracy.


Nikon D500 supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and is NFC enabled. NFC can drain the battery a bit faster but in this era, almost all the high-end DSLR cameras are NFC enabled which helps to connect the camera to other devices wirelessly. But still if you are conscious about the battery, Nikon has implemented USB 3.0 connection that saves battery life. Besides D500 offer PC-sync port and 10-pin port making Nikon users very contended and pleased. Nikon best DX camera is also stuffed with microphone, headphone jacket and HDMI ports.

Flicker Reduction:

In the world of DSLR cameras, full-frame Nikon D500 has already become successful after offering much more advance services than its competitor Nikon D5. Full-frame Nikon D500 supports flicker reduction-it will automatically detect fluorescent or mercury-vapor light source and produce brightly and evenly lit images. A high-end product like Nikon D5 doesn’t support flicker reduction.

Button Illumination and Active D-Lighting:

Now this is something really cool. Full-frame Nikon D500 is the first DSLR camera that features button illumination. It helps in low-light and looks really amazing in dark.

It’s flipping screen and Active D-lighting technique results in quality videos from different angles. Active D-Lighting is a Nikon’s term that optimizes a high contrast image to restore shadow and highlights detail. It’s like filling light in your shots.


Nikon D500 uses Nikon’s EN-EL15 battery which is same as used in its predecessors. According to CIPA standards, this rechargeable Lithium ion battery provides 1240 shots. In addition to internal battery, Nikon has also introduced an optional MB-D17 battery grip that provides an extra battery life to the DSLR camera.

Its predecessor D300 has 950 shots but keep in mind it had built-in flash that drained the battery at faster rate than D500.

SnapBridge Application:

Full-frame Nikon D500 can be connected to any device or gadget with the help of amazing SnapBridge app. The application is available for free download on Nikon’s website. It enables a number of features: you can transfer images taken on Nikon D500 to your connected devices. You can also browse image from your smart device on Nikon D500 as well as all the images can be embed with location and date/time information. SnapBridge truly helps photographers to make images that define their distinct style.


Nikon offers a warranty of one year on full-frame Nikon D500. Warranty will be applied on technical issues.


In a nut shell, if you are an action shooter then this full-frame camera is made for you. This is something more than best when used in continues shooting mode. Its versatility has brought a good name to the company. All the thrilling features of the product show Nikon is fully enthusiastic manufacturer.

Last update was on: December 16, 2017 11:30 am

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