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Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM is very advance, brilliant and genius DSLR camera Sony has ever produced so far that has already achieved record breaking appreciation in the global market due to its breath taking elite features. Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM’s perfect body looks so fabulous and feels so amazing when you are holding it. With the release of Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM in the world of DSLR cameras, parameters for perfectness have been changed. In my opinion, Sony HDR-AS50 is very affordable, easy-to-carry and feels so smart in the hands.

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sony-hdr-as50-action-cam11.1mp CMOS image sensor when combined with wide aperture Zeiss Tessar lens gives you incredible shooting experience with beautiful rich images that has more dynamic range and comes with noise reduction technique. HDR technology is making the shots Ultra Sharp as it blends the darkest and the brightest shots then combines both to finally obtain a glaring image. Image quality has been enhanced when compared to its predecessor and the general audience is really happy over this.

Shooting videos in 720p with 8fps frame rate is really breath taking as it evenly distributes the light over each and every moment or shot taken. Autofocus helps in making shots more vibrant and vivid. Image stabilization is something very important in almost every DSLR camera these days which makes them best in the market and no one can imagine a camera without image stabilization.

Along with these, here comes the most awaited feature that it provides; Redesigned User Interface that has simplified the navigation and is now providing its users to play around with settings with lesser fuss and complications. Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM can be operated now via PlayMemories mobile app where it can be turned off or on as needed.

Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled and can also be paired with iOS and Android. Battery life been considerably increased due to which Sony customers are very excited to have Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM once in a life time as it also fits in one hand. Sony HDR-AS50’s water proof, dust proof, freeze proof (works even in -10 degrees Celsius) and shock resistant DSLR camera has nicely stand out in the market.

Image Sensor:

11.1mp CMOS sensor uses back light illumination feature that reduces noise and enhanced low light performance. Some photographers criticize that Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM is not very good when comes to low light performance but CMOS sensor is very versatile, has been used in almost all fine Sony DSLR cameras and camcorders to stuffed them with remarkable techniques no other sensor could ever provide. CMOS is fast, efficient and genius sensor that made the device to perform its tasks intelligently.

Last update was on: December 15, 2017 8:47 pm

Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM not only provides wide mode but also provides narrow mode which means your subject will somehow become fuzzy while capturing due to very small pixels that contain some noise. In short, Sony, this time is providing different angle view adjustment that allows users to zoom in or zoom out while shooting.

Image Processor:

Sony is the best image processor manufacturer in the market. Image processor also defined as media processor is defined as processor that processes user’s needs and provides them with much more efficiency and speed. Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM features an aesthetic Bionz processor that helps you capture the shot with their full warmness and richness and increase low light performance. Bionz processor works in collaboration with Exmor CMOS which helps in reducing noise during image processing and thus achieved rich texture of pictures. Now-a-days CMOS is used to enhance picture quality, its resolution and battery life.

4K Video Recording:

sony-hdr-as50-action-camLike its predecessors, Sony DSLR camera features a brilliant video specification; offering 4k video recording. Sony 4K video camera recording technology lets 4k video recording for up to 29 minutes per clip. Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM is stuffed with a property that it can pre record meaning it does not matter if you miss the most important moments.

Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM also includes sockets for using microphone and jackets for using headphones for monitoring recorded audios. It also features high frame rate video modes that capture footage with 1080p/60fps and then you can play it back incredibly.

Shooters can capture live scenes with picture and sound while via Ustream. Loop recording is an advance option for those who want to record continuously without any interruption (Useful feature when one is collecting evidence).


Connectivity determines the efficiency of DSLR camera. Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM includes Bluetooth equipped Wi-Fi connectivity that allows Sony users to upload and transfer images over different compatible devices connected with Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM. Addition of USB 2.0 is also a great step by Sony.

Protection and Safety:

Sony HDR-AS50 Action CAM has appeared in the market with some unique features that differs it from its competitors including the ability of being water proof when soaked for 30 minutes. Sony HDR-AS50 is also dust resistant, shock resistant and freeze resistant if taken to -10 degree Celsius. The only drawback that some users are facing is that the water proof case is a quite bulky that is a bit of let-down. Sony HDR-AS50 weighs 83 grams without water proof casing and weighs approximately 120 grams with water proof case but this is not a very critical point as Sony has always prioritize the safety of its products for durability and long lasting use.


In a nut shell, Sony has left no stone unturned in the making of Sony HDR-AS50 as they have introduced almost every other advance technology making it one of the finest CAMs. 11.1mp Exmor CMOS sensor with Bionz processor and Zeiss Tessar lens along with super fast 120fps rate for shooting stills, image stabilization and Bluetooth equipped Wi-Fi connectivity has left Sony’s competitor far away.

Last update was on: December 15, 2017 8:47 pm

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