How to use Affiliate Marketing for Money Making

Affiliate Marketing is a program in which we promote third party products and services on a website, if sales are generated by us for the third party then we will earn a fixed amount of commission. It works on the cookie storage principal.

Platforms that provide an affiliate program:-

  •    Click bank
  •    CJ affiliate
  •    Amazon Associates.
  •    Avantlink
  •    eBay.
  •    ShareASale.
  •    Avangate.
  •    Walmart
  •    Rakuten Linkshare
  •    Flex offers

First of all select a product or services on a micro niche that you are going to do affiliate then check commission on different platforms wherever you get more percentage opt that platform and sign up for that affiliate program.

How To Select Domain For Affiliate Marketing

  • For example, if you are doing affiliate marketing for a product named yoga carpet then select domain like “” or if you are doing affiliate on services, on yacht services then buy a domain like “”  rather than going for .com go for a custom domain.
  • Now check competition on your niche. Just go to google and search for “buy yoga carpet” and get an idea of your keyword searches or you can just go to Google AdWords keyword planner and get an idea for search results for a particular keyword.

Are You Confused About WordPress Or Blogger Platform?

Many of the people are confused whether to make the website on WordPress or on blogger. I would recommend you to start affiliate marketing on WordPress because it takes less efforts to write article and design it. You can get various plugins as per your requirements and interests. You can also verify webmaster tool, google analytics and can also get plugins for remarketing and many more and you can also buy paid plugin like Easy-Azon to increase your cookies duration.

How To Write Articles For Affiliate Marketing For Your Niche?

Suppose you are doing affiliate marketing on yoga mats for, just type site: “keyword” on which you are doing affiliate program and get the list of products on amazon. Now what you have to do is

  1. Go to amazon.
  2. Copy the product details and rewrite in your own words and don’t copy the seller’s name and don’t give discounts or any offers by yourself.
  3. Put your review at the bottom to show that you have also used that product and you are giving a genuine review.
  4. Last but not the least you can also put question and answer about the product which people may ask.

Articles must not be more than 300-450 words and finally optimize the articles using 16 factors ON-PAGE SEO.

Confused How Many Articles Do You Need To Write In A Day?

Are you worried or confused to write an article on how many days its frequency and recency it depends upon your niche if you product searches are more than one lakh you have to write two to three articles per day and at least regularly for one month then after you get what keyword is generating on your webmaster tool and then put your keyword on your articles and optimize if not possible to put keyword on your article then write a different article on each keyword

Tools For Affiliate Marketing

There are many tools and plugin for Affiliate marketing such as

  • Easy-Azon is a WordPress plugin which helps to increase your cookies duration for 90 days it is a paid plugin of 40usd if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buy anything on 90 days you will get a commission on it.
  • Product Schema is an attractive tool through which you get more traffic and more clicks you can generate it from website
  • Word Ai is a tool which makes article readable and unique even you spin the article on it. Its trial paid is free for 3 days then after it charges money.


In the above article, I have given you an idea about affiliate marketing and its platforms and how to select the domain and cleared your doubt on which platform to use between blogger and WordPress and how to write content, I have also discussed about content frequency and recency and have also given some tools to boost your affiliate marketing product.

These are all but just a glimpse into the Affiliate Marketing World, to know more about anything related to Digital Marketing, make sure to enrol yourself in Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and be trained by the best Digital Marketing Individuals that India has to be offer.

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