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Microsoft Office 365 has made our lifestyle easy with its sophisticated features. Most of the large sized business enterprises, as well as many SMEs, are switching to Microsoft Office 365. As people consider Office 365 as a secured storage, many do not bother to perform Office 365 backup for Windows & Mac OS X. This should not be the case as even cloud-based facilities can encounter data loss and hacking attacks. To protect themselves from such unfortunate situations, Office 365 for Mac OS X & Windows users should consider taking a backup.

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365

This is one of the common questions asked by Mac OS users. The answer is no. Microsoft does have some policy regarding Office 365 backup emails, but it does not cover your entire mailbox. That is why, users need to take personal initiative to Microsoft Office 365 backup Outlook. The data backup process of an Office 365 account on Mac OS X / Win is not a simple one. Users can attempt the backup process by configuring their Office 365 account in Outlook for Mac / Win. Once the configuration is done, they can simply to export Office 365 Mailboxes to PST file locally in Mac / Win Outlook.

However, this process of manual Office 365 backup on Mac OS X / Win system is not easy to implement for an ordinary user. The procedure is complex and requires users to possess technical expertise. Due to its complexity, users find using third-party applications as the better option. SysTools Office 365 Backup for Mac is one program that stands out of the crowd. Here we will tell users why this tool should be considered the ideal one for Microsoft Office 365 backup emails.

SysTools Office 365 Backup for Mac OS X/ Win : An Overview

SysTools Office 365 Backup

SysTools Office 365 Backup

As a user, people want to use application that will understand their needs and perform accordingly. They wish to have stunning performance as well as convenient secondary features. User-friendly interface is another thing that most users look for. Here, readers will get familiar with a tool that has the ability to satisfy all these customer needs. Office 365 Backup application is a perfect combination of all useful features that a Microsoft Office 365 user can ask for.

Providing a sure-shot solution to Microsoft Office 365 backup is the exclusive aim of this software. There are a number of tools in the market that cannot perform as they claim to be. This program is not one of them as it has been proving its worth with its productive performance. It can backup Office 365 emails as well as calendar and contacts. The resultant backup files can be saved in EMLX, PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX formats. Downloading selective Microsoft Office 354 for Mac items is also possible. Besides everything else, the product contains an easy to understand interface that can be operated by anyone.

What to Expect from This Software

Unlike other utilities, Office 365 Backup is a completely user-centric program. It has been developed keeping in mind the demands of the relevant users. We have enlisted some benefits that users will get by using this application.

  • During emergency situations, users need to pause the Microsoft Office 365 backup process. If any tool does not support pausing the backup operation, users need to abruptly stop the process. It may cause data corruption and also wastes valuable time of the users. This software comes with a built-in feature of Pause and Stop which will come handy to the users at the time of the need.
  • Sometimes after taking Microsoft Office 365 backup emails, users want to delete the original data. For that, they have to spend some more time to remove the data. This tool contains an extended feature of deleting data after downloading from Mac Office 365.
  • Users often face problem due to lack of support from the software for their particular OS version. In case of this tool, this will not be an issue. Considering the user demand, this application has been developed to support Mac OS 10.8 and all above versions.
  • It is evident that users have different demand when it comes to Microsoft Office 365 Outlook backup. Not all users want to backup the data in EMLX format. To meet the demand of all users, this application will backup Office 365 data in PST, EML, EMLX, MSG and MBOX files.
  • Some users have a large Office 365 mailbox and want to backup only a part of it. For these users, Backup Office 365 for Mac / Win brings the option of Date Filtering. Users can select which data to backup and the software will download accordingly.
  • This application promises to backup data of Office 365 for Mac mailboxes. That is why, it can backup emails, calendar, and contacts of Mac Office 365 account. Any or all of these data can be saved by this tool.

Why Choose Office 365 Backup for Mac OS X /Win

This is a valid question that may appear to any user. While there are a number of tools claiming to serve the same purpose, why to pick this particular software? The reason is simple. SysTools Office 365 Backup tool believes is performance over everything else. That is why, CNET has awarded this program a 5-Star rating. It has been also suggested by “We Suggest Software” for its distinctive features. This software has scored 99% in client satisfaction in a poll by “FinanceOnline.” It is the users who are completely satisfied with the service provided by Office 365 Backup tool for Mac OS X / Win. Anyone who is looking for a trusted solution and value for their money, should get this software to backup Office 365 emails.

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