Which Platform is Best for You? iOS Vs Android

Choosing between the two mediums (android or iOS) is hard as the addicted users prefer whatever they have been constantly using. It’s similar to politics where two extremes support their leader and cannot hear otherwise. Hence the two parties either fight or keep on arguing on proving how they are at the right course.

As per the user reviews, android users stay with their platform as it enables them to fulfill multiple tasks, use multiple apps and more. It boosts their overall performance by taking the entire burden to them. Doing so makes the android devices a bit slowly with the passage of time as whenever you overuse a machine, you are most likely to get it replaced. Even if you do not overuse it, any machine would eventually be replaced as it would depreciate one way or the other.

iPhone users however prefer something smooth and glitch free. Hence, users however complain of not being able to use all the apps in iPhone as they used in Android, but the experience of using the device is what gives them an edge.

Few of the differences are as follows:

User friendly:

Android devices are known for being the most compatible and user friendly devices as they allow the users to use multiple features without any hassle. iPhone however, has a bit un-flexible patterns as stated by the users.

Design and price:

Both of these platforms are identifiable through their designs. Whether a past or a new user, anyone can identify a device by just noticing the design. To be specific, iPhone has a rather more sleek design and aren’t that big in size as compared to its competition. However, android has a bit large, handful and robust design which may fully adjust into your entire hand. IPhone’s design followed a series where each device changed slightly or a bit more with the release of every new device. Android however, followed a different path.

Open vs. closed systems:

iPhone remains the branded option since the beginning till present. But iPhone users struggle if they want an Amazon e-book or watch a Google Play movie using Play movies.

Android however is open to alternative applications. Note that Apple has not ported any of the applications to its competitor (android) and would never do in future. Hence, if your library of music is based on iTunes, then you are locked into iPhones.

Time updates:

Apple beats android in this category as when Apple releases a new update, all phones whether old or new gets the update. Android however has a different case and it depends upon your luck whether you can avail the update or not.


It’s not that android has any security related problems but Google however is more lax than apple about which applications it will let into its app store. The best secure option to keep malware out of your android device is to only get apps from the Google Play Store. iPhone users however hasn’t reported much data theft cases, they are in good hands.


Both the platforms are known for their creativity, usage and design. However, both of them are still in need of security applications for added security. You can opt for some android applications or an iPhone application such as folder lock from newsoftwares.net that works on both the platforms along with PC/Mac sync too and reduces your efforts.

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