Best Compact Camera 2019

Compact cameras and the compact camera market have changed considerably over the last few years. Smartphones, with their ever-improving cameras, have decimated budget models and as a result camera manufacturers have concentrated on putting more advanced features into compact cameras to make them more attractive than ever before

Compared to compact cameras of old, manufacturers are now tending to design models based around physically larger sensors than used to be the norm. The result of this change is that you’re now going to get significantly better image quality than even the best smartphone. In some cases, the sensors in some high-end compact cameras can rival DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Best Compact Camera 2019

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Almost everyone takes a camera with them on vacation, and we’ve decided to put together a guide to the best point-and-shoot cameras for travel. Having a great travel camera will help you capture those wonderful travel moments and share them with your family and friends. As professional travel photographers and writers, one of the most important pieces of our travel kit is our travel cameras. We rarely go anywhere without them!

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes these days, from the one on your smartphone to compact cameras to professional level DSLRs. We personally think though that the best camera you have is the one on you and one that you know how to use. For many people, a compact camera, often called a point-and-shoot camera, is the perfect travel camera as they are generally small, lightweight, easy to use, and budget friendly.

We’ll help you decide if a point-and-shoot camera is a good choice for you, provide advice on how to choose the best compact camera, and share a list of the best compact cameras currently available across various price points. We also give some tips on how to make the most of your point-and-shoot camera.

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