Best Sony Mirrorless Camera in 2020

Sony Mirrorless cameras offer interchangeable lenses, just like DSLRs, but they’re smaller and lighter with more advanced viewing, focusing, and video features. The argument still rages over which is best, DSLR vs mirrorless, but for a lot of people, the argument is already won.

But how do you choose a Sony mirrorless camera when there are so many on the market and covering such a wide range of users, experience levels, and budgets?

The mirrorless revolution is in full swing. These impressive Sony digital cameras pack large image sensors into compact bodies, offering some of the best image and video quality on the market with less bulk than a DSLR. And as the lens options continue to expand, going mirrorless makes more sense now than ever before. Below we break down the best sony mirrorless interchangeable lens systems of 2020, from full-frame models for professionals to leading budget options.

Best Sony Mirrorless Camera 2020

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