Sony Alpha a5100 Review

Sony’s a5100 is a scaled down edition of the already petite Alpha a6000 mirrorless camera. It packs a few of Sony’s greatest tech: not only a sizable sensor, but also Sony’s superfast phase-recognition autofocus technology and effective Bionz X processor chip. Sony’s user interface, while improving, continues to be clunky. But, general, I would recommend the a5100 to mirrorless camera shoppers, including those starving to build up advanced photo skills.

The a5100 is compact enough to slide right into a coat pocket, and it might squeeze into all but the smallest purses or bags. Your body measures just 4.3 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches, however the 14-ounce weight is noticeable. In comparison, the likewise priced NX300 can be 4.8 x 2.5 x 1.6 inches and weighs 11.5 ounces.

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Sony Alpha a5100 Price & Deals

The textured right-hand grip may necessitate curling your fingers tighter than with a full-size camera. Still, it’s much better than what two smaller sized mirrorless cameras have to give you: The Nikon 1 (find review) and Samsung NX mini bodies are flat slabs without handgrip. (The a5100’s hold is related to the NX300’s.)

A low-power flash arises high from leading of the camera, directly over the zoom lens, but it is the only flash you’ll receive. Sony overlooked its multi-interface shoe, which on its other digital cameras can support an add-on flash or mic.

The 3-inch LCD tilts up 180 degrees for shooting selfies, nonetheless it doesn’t tilt down (as the Sony a6000’s will) to greatly help with shots that want holding the camera overhead.

The a5100 lacks the crystal-clear OLED electronic viewfinder on the a6000. Because of this (and the footwear), you might choose the pricier a6000 ($598 with 16-50mm lens) in case you are switching over from a DSLR Camera. If you are upgrading from a smartphone or point-and-shoot, the a5100 could possibly be just right.

Sony’s standard combination-four-method rocker and wheel allows you to select configurations, such as for example light sensitivity (ISO), and scroll through them. A rocker right above the handgrip (encircling the shutter button) enables you to change the electronic zoom package lens between wide and telephoto. You can also turn the band or slide an activate the left side of the zoom lens to accomplish the same. I wish that overabundance of controls carried to other functions.

One fine feature Sony offers beginners may be the In-Camera Guide, that you can gain access to by pushing the switch marked with a question mark on the trunk of the camera in the bottom right. This introduces tutorials with tricks for portraits, scenery photos, night moments, close-up macros and topics in fast motion. (Unless you need quick access to the Information, you can reprogram the key for another function, such as metering mode.)

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Bottom Line

If the a51000 were a more substantial camera, I would ding it for having less features such as for example an accessory shoe or extra physical controls. But in the event that’s the trade-off to have the camera so little, it’s worthwhile for many people, especially novices who might not want to be overwhelmed by a big honking camera.

As the a5100 looks pretty simple externally, it’s rich within. Fast autofocus, sharp pictures, faithful color, minimal graininess and wealthy video greatly increase your likelihood of capturing wonderful occasions, whether anticipated or spontaneous. Yes, the controls could be a discomfort, but all of the good areas of the camera considerably outweigh those negatives, producing the a5100 the very best entry-level mirrorless camera at this time.


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